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Blended Search Marketing to Generate Leads for B2Bs

Full money-back guarantee if not satisfied within 2 months! No game.

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UPGUYS, A VArgo SEO client
Peekage, A VArgo SEO client

Selected Projects

Our long-term partners with proven results you can verify with any valid tool.

Growth as MoM, Volume per month

For UPGUYS: 3,100% growth, after 21 months: 1.3K to 42K

Google Search Console data for UPGUYS May 2021 to October 2022

For Peekage: 1,000% growth in clicks after 18 months: 700 to 8K

Google Search Console data for Peekage March 2021 to July 2022.

Who We Are

My name is Mehdi Malekzade. I have 12+ years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, working with both big brands and small companies in different roles.

I and my team of experienced experts are providing blended SEO services to Iranian business owners in Canada and the US.

Ask around about us. We keep things quiet, but people who know us can vouch for our expertise and commitment.

Meet the team

Mehdi’s Story

Mehdi Malekzade, SEO strategist and Manager

I was 18 years old working on my websites. One of them was an ebook download center with 25K daily users.

I was selling ebook packages through that website and it was my main income channel.

Due to various manipulations of so-called “developers” on my website’s theme, I got an algorithm penalty from Google.

I sought help, but no one could fix it in Iran. Abroad agencies were too expensive. So I started to learn SEO to save my income.

Now, It’s been a while and it’s just a sweet memory. But it led me to run this small agency in 2020.

And this is just the beginning.

About VArgo

VArgo is a team of SEOs with an extended background in digital marketing. We offer a blended SEO service to generate new hot leads for B2Bs in Canada and the US.

What We Do

SEO is the main engine to get users, Google Ads and email campaigns are to target and retarget users in different stages.
You may imagine a well-oiled machine of lead generation.

Phase 1: Research and strategy

We research and audit your business and website to map out the plan and the strategy for your search marketing campaign. Things like:

  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Technical checkups

Phase 2: SEO quick wins

We find and fix SEO quick wins to give you a sample of what we can do with your SEO. Things like:

  • Internal linking optimization
  • Technical improvements
  • Meta tags optimization

Phase 3: Google Ads

We launch a Google Ads campaign to target high commercial keywords.
Things like:

  • Campaign setup and configuration
  • Targeting
  • Bid adjustments

Phase 4: Content development

We develop your website pages by creating new informational content and scaling your commercial landing pages to target different keyword groups. Things like:

  • Blog content production
  • Service/Product showcase page creation
  • Subscription bait content production

Phase 5: Drip email campaign

We write and set up drip email campaigns to target golden subscribers for commercial engagement. Things like:

  • Finding the message and technique of the approach
  • Writing email sequences
  • Configuring email campaign

Phase 6: Link building outreach

We manually reach out for backlinks from top-tier publishers to insert more link juice into your important pages. Things like:

  • Finding the right publishers
  • Crafting the message and method of outreach
  • Manually emailing contributors and journalists

Phase 7: Technical SEO

We improve the technical status of your website in any possible aspect. Things like:

  • Schema markup implementation
  • Speed improvements
  • Website architecture optimization

In a smart campaign, you will have cross and parallel works. But this is the general overview of what we could do for your business.


Our campaign costs start from C$5,000.

You get more than you would take from any other provider at this price range.

Money-back Guaranteed

In two months, we fully refund you if not satisfied. No game. No hidden fees.

This is a benefit of being small. So, it’s somehow a limited offer.

Our Values

Honesty: We don’t push sales if our blended SEO services are not useful for your business.

Expertise: We’re proud of ourselves as we are a small team of trained SEOs beyond global standards.

Simplicity: We make super complicated systems, easy for you to understand and follow, so you can concentrate on your business.

Profitability: We understand your point of view. We are all about making you more money. Simple as that.

Interested to Talk More?

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