Peekage Case Study

Peekage, A VArgo SEO client

After 18 months of content creation, link building, and technical improvements (Growth as MoM, Volume per month):

  • Non-branded Clicks: 2,400% growth – 100 to 2.5K
  • Non-branded Impressions: 2,700% growth – 8K to 230K
  • All Clicks: 1,000% growth – 700 to 8K
  • All Impressions: 3,000% growth – 14K to 450K
Google Search Console data for Peekage March 2021 to July 2022.

207 keywords in the top 10

Full list of 1,689 Peekage ranked keywords, including 207 keywords in the top 10.

blind taste245028$3.18
brand activation examples217049$3.14
brand activation ideas39049$3.70
brand activations132043$4.54
digital product sampling13018$5.10
product marketing plans225056$5.04
product marketing strategy460067$5.92
product sampling239050$1.83
product sampling company36032$4.01
product sampling examples22035$2.54
product sampling ideas12024$3.03
sampling marketing225051$4.03
types of sales promotions440067$0.99
Sample of ranked keywords for Peekage.


After 18 months of working with Vargo, the final outcome is an increase in traffic, the number of ranked keywords, and improvements of other SEO metrics.

Data updated on: August 4, 2022

  • All Clicks: 1,000% growth – 700 to 8K
  • All Impressions: 3,000% growth – 14K to 450K
  • Non-branded Clicks: 2,400% growth – 100 to 2.5K
  • Non-branded Impressions: 2,700% growth – 8K to 230K
  • Keywords Ranked: 1,800% growth – 200 to 3.9K
  • Domain Rating [Ahrefs]: 24 to 51
  • Home Page Rating [Ahrefs]: 25 to 33
  • Authority Score [Semrush]: 26 to 41
  • Domain Authority [Moz]: 11 to 29
  • Home Page Authority [Moz]: 16 to 39
Organic traffic growth for Peekage
Traffic growth in the last two years for Peekage. Data from Ahrefs.


With solid research and accurate targeting, VArgo produced more than 60 pieces of ranking content for Peekage. You can review some of them in their blog.

About Peekage

Peekage: Digital Product Sampling Platform

Peekage is a digital platform for product sampling that strives to connect brands and consumers. The primary audience of Peekage’s website is brands that want to undertake product sampling.

After the launch of the business, clients were attracted through various sales techniques. However, 18 months ago, they decided to include SEO as a parallel path to attract product sampling clients. Since then, they managed to decrease their acquisition costs both in the mid and long term. Which gave the whole process an exponential boost.


Since product sampling is an old-fashioned area and is carried out traditionally in various industries, only a small portion of the industry is online. So, it has few direct online audiences in search engines.

After approaching direct product sampling keywords, it was clear to us that this area is even smaller than anticipated. Hence, we decided to focus on more general concepts that are a tier above related to product sampling. Much bigger concepts such as loyalty programs, product marketing, customer research, and similar topics.

With the massiveness and fierceness of the competition for new concepts in mind, targeting was of utmost importance. To this point, great amounts of effort were spent to target clusters and keywords that can be attained considering the SEO situation of Peekage at the time. With improvement in Peekage SEO authority, we further expanded these clusters and keywords.

In addition to content creation and publication, link-building efforts were planned and carried out for Peekage. Moreover, infrastructural improvements were carried out along with their in-house web development team.


Peekage competition is divided into two categories.

a) Direct competition in the product sampling industry; in which they encountered various competition in an area with relatively low traffic. Additionally, Peekage faced rather fierce competition due to the lucrative nature of the industry.

b) A much bigger competition in more general concepts with websites such as MailChimp, Forbes, Shopify, and Hubspot. As a result of which, Peekage was able to rank higher in multiple keywords.

Due to the limited SEO budget of Peekage, the decision of how to approach what keyword clusters and how to expand them was the main challenge for the strategy and competition analysis.

What’s done for Peekage

Curated +100 Referring Domains: Used different techniques to acquire high-level referring domains.

Produced +60 Content Pieces: Designed and supervised the process.

Optimized +60 Pages: Optimized informational and commercial pages at a high SEO standard.

Implemented +15 Technical Improvements: Suggested and supervised the SEO improvements and implementations.