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Steady growth by proven long-term strategy

During the first year of business, UPGUYS focused on paid advertising and Google ads campaigns, where they achieved great success. However, in order to ensure the long-term viability of the business, with consultation from VArgo, in mid-2021, they decided to invest in SEO.

Due to the nature of UPGUYS products, they target a wide range of audiences and compete in a fierce market where there are older and more strapping opponents present.


After a series of interviews to gather and consolidate business insights while studying and analyzing the existing competition, VArgo team developed a strategy based on aggressive content growth focusing on major targets of UPGUYS. Regular content creation and publication enabled UPGUYS to attract a considerable audience base.

In parallel, through approaching related website owners and contributors, a link-building campaign was carried out to effectively distribute the content which eventually led to gaining successful backlinks.

Moreover, infrastructural developments were suggested and performed in collaboration with their web development team.


UPGUYS’ competition is divided into 2 groups, I) direct business competitors in Canada, and II) International competitors offering products in Canada. Some of these competitors are large, reputable companies with which competition is extremely fierce.

In order to figure out where to target, competitors were analyzed from various aspects including, but not limited to, their backing profile, their content and what areas they were targeting, and any other SEO ways that they were benefiting from.

We made an effort to replicate the best practices and find gaps in the market. It enabled us to adjust our strategy as an ongoing optimization. And this endeavor has ever been under refinement.


Generating backlinks in the medical and pharmaceutical industries has its own troubles. Trying and testing different approaches worked for UPGUYS, as you can see some sample backlinks here.

From Healthline: Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Such as Viagra, Cialis May Increase Risk of Retinal Detachment and Other Eye Damage

From Reader’s Digest: Men’s health conditions to be aware of as you age

From VEGAMOUR: Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Here Are 12 Possible Reasons

From Thrive Global: 7 Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

From International Medical Aid: Common Causes of Hair Loss

From New York Weekly: 5 Popular Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


After 18 months, the most significant final outcome of our strategy is an increase in traffic, the number of ranked keywords, and other SEO metrics:

  • All Clicks: 1,900% growth – 1.3K to 26K
  • All Impressions: 10,000% growth – 17K to 1.8M
  • Non-branded Clicks: 25,000% growth – 40 to 10.5K
  • Non-branded Impressions: 8,500% growth – 10.3K to 890K
  • Keywords Ranked: 6,300% growth – 500 to 34K
  • Domain Rating [Ahrefs]: 16 to 34
  • Home Page Rating [Ahrefs]: 28 to 36
  • Authority Score [Semrush]: 32 to 40
  • Domain Authority [Moz]: 17 to 31
  • Home Page Authority [Moz]: 17 to 41
Ahrefs data for UPGUYS
Traffic and keywords ranking growth in the last two years for UPGUYS. Data from Ahrefs.

In detail, the average of 1.3K monthly clicks in May 2021 was increased to the average monthly clicks of 26K by October 2022.

On top of that, during the same period, the number of targeted keywords ranked in Google SERP escalated from 500 to 34K keywords (both commercial and informational keywords) in alignment with our aggressive content growth strategy.

Due to our ongoing collaboration with UPGUYS, these numbers are constantly growing.

Data updated on October 31, 2022.


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