Online Booklet: SEO for business owners

In this online booklet, I try to cover the questions you -as a business owner- may have to invest in SEO.

Questions like:

  • CH. 1. Is SEO important for my business at all?
  • CH. 2. Is SEO a good choice compared to other marketing channels?
  • CH. 3. How to evaluate if an SEO provider is doing the job right.
  • CH. 4. how to start SEO for my business?
  • CH. 5. How much does SEO cost?
  • CH. 6. how to choose an SEO service provider?
  • CH. 7. What is the timeline for SEO results?
  • CH. 8. How and when will SEO fail?
  • CH. 9. How to monitor SEO?
  • CH. 10. And a list of other SEO FAQs

For now, you can only read the first chapter.

Ch. 1. SEO importance for businesses: Should you invest in SEO at all?

Yes and not necessarily.

Yes, because your business can benefit from an organic snowball of traffic coming from SEO.

And not necessarily, because there is time to start SEO. Plus there are prerequisites for SEO to work.

The goal of SEO is to establish credibility with search engines. Trying to deceive them to benefit yourself will only result in harm and penalization. Growth takes time, and creating an ethical means of SEO will pay off in the long run.

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Successful Projects

Our long-term partners with proven results you can verify with any valid tool.

Growth as MoM, Volume per month

For UPGUYS: 3,100% growth, after 21 months: 1.3K to 42K

For Peekage: 1,000% growth in clicks after 18 months: 700 to 8K

Read the full UPGUYS case study and Peekage case study.

Our Methodology

We first understand your business and the market, then we come up with a fully unique and customized approach and strategy.

Our work methodology is designed with these 7 parts:

  • Research and competition
  • Strategy and approach
  • Technical improvements
  • Content production
  • Link building and off-site presence
  • Test, Monitor, Analyse and Adjust
  • Report and feedback

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