The Power of SEO, Blended with Google Ads and Email Marketing

Attract, engage, and convert. Our multi-faceted approach combines SEO, Google Ads, and email marketing to reach the right audience at the right time, nurturing leads and driving sustainable growth.

VArgo SEO, Services

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Blended SEO Services

SEO is the main engine to get users. Google Ads and email campaigns are to target and retarget them in different stages.
You may imagine a well-oiled machine of lead generation.

In a smart campaign, you will have cross and parallel works. But this is the general overview of what we could do for your business.

Phase 1: Research and strategy

We research and audit your business and website to map out the plan and the strategy for your search marketing campaign. Things like:

  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Technical checkups

Phase 2: SEO quick wins

We find and fix SEO quick wins to give you a sample of what we can do with your SEO. Things like:

  • Internal linking optimization
  • Technical improvements
  • Meta tags optimization

Phase 3: Google Ads

We launch a Google Ads campaign to target high commercial keywords. Things like:

  • Campaign setup and configuration
  • Targeting
  • Bid adjustments

Phase 4: Content development

We develop your website pages by creating new informational content and scaling your commercial landing pages to target different keyword groups. Things like:

  • Blog content production
  • Service/Product showcase page creation
  • Subscription bait content production

Phase 5: Drip email campaign

We write and set up drip email campaigns to target golden subscribers for commercial engagement. Things like:

  • Finding the message and technique of the approach
  • Writing email sequences
  • Configuring email campaign

Phase 6: Link building outreach

We manually reach out for backlinks from top-tier publishers to insert more link juice into your important pages. Things like:

  • Finding the right publishers
  • Crafting the message and method of outreach
  • Manually emailing contributors and journalists

Phase 7: Technical SEO

We improve the technical status of your website in any possible aspect. Things like:

  • Schema markup implementation
  • Speed improvements
  • Website architecture optimization

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