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Successful Projects

Our long-term partners with proven results you can verify with any valid tool.

Growth as MoM, Volume per month

For UPGUYS: 3,100% growth, after 21 months: 1.3K to 42K

For Peekage: 1,000% growth in clicks after 18 months: 700 to 8K

Read the full UPGUYS case study and Peekage case study.

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  1. Branded vs. non-branded
  2. Seasonal and user behavior changes
  3. Average positions and CTRs
  4. Buying traffic
  5. Huge backlinks batches

How We Produce Content

Based on the research done about the business and competitors, we find keywords to target and produce content around them. In the following steps:

Step I: Everything starts with concepts. We draw a map of broad concepts that you should target. These are the targets through which people who are searching for them could have a commercial interaction with you.

Step II: After prioritizing the concepts, every concept is split into clusters. Each cluster includes a number of content pieces, informative (typically blog posts) and commercial (typically commercial landing pages).

Step III: We design the outlines of each content piece, write, and come up with the final product as a web page. 

During this process, we analyze industry news, data, and upcoming trends to produce content around them. This way, we create super-optimized content based on data-backed opportunities.

Content that ranks.

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What You Get With VArgo Content

Let us take care of it all. You watch the content ranking.
With VArgo content production you get everything done A to Z.

  • Keyword research and clustering
  • Content brief and outlines
  • Write, proofread and edit
  • Illustration and visual assets
  • SEO enrichment
  • Publish the webpage
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Update & upgrade

Our Content Standards

We work beyond technicality to cover your target users’ needs and interests. At a minimum, this is the standard we consider for every piece of content produced at VArgo.

  • Title and description tags included
  • Taglines, descriptions, and CTAs included
  • Uniqueness and originality checked
  • Copy errors and grammar checked
  • Rich media included (illustrations)
  • Brand alignment copy checked
  • In-depth niche researched
  • In-depth competitor researched
  • Full keyword optimized (primary and LSI keywords)
  • Semrush optimized
  • Ready-to-publish formatted
  • Authoritative external and internal links added

We Work Beyond Technicality

We know what we’re good at, and we do our best for partner businesses with a real mission.

Honesty and Transparency

We believe that honesty and transparency make long-term relationships and businesses successful. We spend your resources where they actually needed and make results. And we show you what is happening in any detail, depth, and format your want.

Six-week Results

With a systematic approach to SEO, we deliver really fast and proven results that you can monitor by numbers and sense beyond the numbers.

Dedication and Customization

We don’t replicate our services to different websites. We dedicate exclusive experienced SEO experts to the partner’s website to deliver a fully dedicated and customized service. We approach long-term partnerships and make strategy and technique adjustments continuously.

Specialty and Experience

We know what we’re doing. Plus 10 years of working on small to very big websites in different industries, taught us that every website has a unique situation and needs a unique solution, too. With a group of experienced experts, we work beyond technicality.


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